New scam hitting front doors in St. Louis area -

New scam hitting front doors in St. Louis area

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( – If you see a sign on your front door, you might want to do a double take. Scammers are leaving fake notices about packages deliveries and a phone number to call. When you call, they try to coax your personal information out of you.

“That’s really scary,” said Vicky Pealer, a Franklin County resident. “That would make a person feel violated.”

Pealer says one of her relatives got a fake notification.

“My niece got one of these, but since it didn’t have any identifying information, she decided to just throw it away.”

Washington Police says the scam has been around in California, but never in the St. Louis area until now.

“It’s new to the Midwest,” said Det. Sgt. Steve Sitze of the Washington Police Department. “Maybe they’ve just made their way here.”

Sitze says the scammers are in neighborhoods all over the St. Louis area. They’ll leave a notification on the front door when no one is home. It looks like someone tried to deliver a package and the homeowner needs to call to get it. Police called the number and confirmed it’s a scam.

“We did find it was just probative in nature to try to get your personal information,” Sitze said. “And it had no legitimate reason for, no packages being delivered."

Police are asking all residents to be on the lookout.

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