Crooks take advantage of grieving families at cemeteries -

Crooks take advantage of grieving families at cemeteries

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FLORISSANT, Missouri (KMOV) – Police said crooks are taking advantage of family members grieving at cemeteries. One woman, Angie, said her mother's truck was stolen as she placed flowers on her late husband's grave at Sacred Heart Cemetery.

“They're there to mourn the passing of someone they loved and are then violated by someone during that personal. It is heartless,” said Angie, who did not want her last name published.

She said she’s worried about her mother’s safety. The thief got away with her mother’s purse, wallet and driver's license.

“What type of person (would do that)? That's there mentality. 'I’m going to go to a cemetery. People are grieving, and I'm going to prey on that.' That's awful,” she said.

Angie said it all started when a man approached her mother and asked if she was doing alright Monday afternoon. He then walked away, came back and handed her a flower. The next thing Angie's mother knew, the man started running towards her truck.

“He jumped in the truck and drove through the graveyard to escape,” said Angie.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time crime has taken place at a cemetery.

On June 19th, someone smashed a woman's car windows at the Ferdinand Cemetery in Hazelwood. The suspect stole that victim's purse and wallet.

News 4 wanted to know if police are seeing more crime in cemeteries and reached out to Florissant Police who said they're not. Authorities said the incident at Sacred Heart is just another example of crimes of opportunity. Those types of crimes are seen across the area.  Authorities ask everyone not to leave keys, purses and other valuables in your car.

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