Many enjoying the great outdoors by trespassing in Warren County -

Many enjoying the great outdoors by trespassing in Warren County

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A No Trespassing sign. Credit: KMOV A No Trespassing sign. Credit: KMOV

Many people are enjoying the outdoors in Warren County by swimming, fishing and even driving four wheelers on other people’s property.

Warren County Sheriff Keven Harrison says lots of people are enjoying the county’s beautiful scenery on land that doesn’t belong to them without asking.

“They want to go exploring in the creek, wading, fishing, riding their four wheelers, looking for arrowheads. All of those activities are taking place without the landowner’s permission,” said Harrison.

Many property owners put up signs and some have letters on file with Warren County Sheriff’s Department to make it clear they wish to prosecute anyone caught on their property without permission.

Some trespassers are cutting fences, leaving gates open or even driving through cornfields with tall corn stalks.

“Either they don’t comprehend what they’re doing or they just don’t care. That’s what frustrates us, the number of people who just don’t care thinking they can do what they want,” said Harrison.

Harrison says some people caught have said they were not aware they were on private property or think they have a right to enter any creek or stream no matter where it is.

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