Activists claim dog at the St. Clair County Animal Control facil -

Activists claim dog at the St. Clair County Animal Control facility treated poorly

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( – A group of animal activists are claiming animals in the care of the St. Clair County Animal Control department are being treated “inhumanely” after a dog’s photo was posted on social media.

“I was appalled,” said Cheri Hutchings. “I was horrified actually.”

Hutchings is one of nearly 40 people associated with the Animal Advocate group on Facebook. She says a volunteer at the St. Clair County Animal Control facility took a photo of the dog and sent it to the group. She claims the animal was denied medical treatment and was forced to sit for seven days.

“This is what they’re allowing to happen in the facility,” Hutchings said. “And as a taxpayer, I’m very upset about it.”

However, Director of Animal Services Jim Jacquot says it’s not true.

“You can take a picture and make it look like anything you want,” he said. “That’s what they’ve done there, pure and simple.”

He says the vet checked the dog and found no medical reason it shouldn’t have stayed in the seven-day stray hold.

“When a dog has mange like this, what kind of medical aid can you render? Not much,” Jacquot said. “You can put salves on it, but the dog is going to continue to scratch. There’s nothing you can really do.”

Management at the facility says they are very transparent and welcomes anyone to come and see their facility.

The Facebook group says from their experience with management at the facility, that certainly is not the case.

The dog has since been adopted. 

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