Vandalism victims of BB gun shooter paying steep price -

Vandalism victims of BB gun shooter paying steep price

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One of many Maplewood residents' car windows shattered (Credit: KMOV) One of many Maplewood residents' car windows shattered (Credit: KMOV)

Victims of the 168 cars that have been vandalized by someone shooting a BB or pellet gun at the windows are now facing a financial burden. 

After the initial shock of the crimes and then cleaning up all the broken glass around their property, they now are forced to get their windows fixed.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase (in business),” Safelite’s Steve Kerley said. “We’ve seen a lot of broken glasses, customers that have been vandalized.  Some are even bringing multiple cars here.”

Kerley says he had a family come in where the wife brought in her minivan which was “riddled” with BB gun shots while her husband then brought in his truck that had a door window busted out as well.

Safelite had eight cars brought in on Monday alone related to the string of crimes that have taken place around the St. Louis area for two weeks.

Another company, Abbey Glass, estimates 30 cars have come in for new door windows over that time frame as well.

“It’s really hard for people.  It’s a violation for them.  We try and be as compassionate as we can and help them deal with the process.  It’s a stain on our city for sure,” Abbey Glass employee Glenda Thomas said.

Police are still looking for the suspects.  They have no persons of interest at this time and are relying on the public’s help to catch the criminals.

Here are the locations which have been victimized since June 11, per St. Louis police:

3300 block of Miami

3300 block of Minnesota

3600 block of Michigan

3500 block of Oregon

3600 block of Virginia

5300 block of Alfred

4000 & 4400 block of Eichelberger

4200, 4300, 4400 block of Neosho

4400 block of Wallace

4600 block of Ridgewood

5000 block of Newport

3900 & 4000 block of Schiller

500 block of Eiler

3200 block of Itaska

3800 block of Bates

4600 block of Compton

5000 & 5200 block of Mardel

5400 block of Pernod

3500 block of Hereford

4900 block of Oleatha

3900, 4000 & 4900 block of Magnolia

5400 block of Reber

5400 block of Arsenal

Intersection of Reber/Sublette

6300 block of Bancroft

2400 block of Mackland

5400 block of Elizabeth

2600 block of Hewitt

3100 & 3200 block of Russell

3100 block of Eads

3100 block of Park

2900 block of Geyer

3400 block of Longfellow

3100 block of Lafayette

1500 block of California

3000 block of Louisiana

2800 block of S. Compton

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