Residents in South City wake up to vandalized cars -

Residents in South City wake up to vandalized cars

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Father’s Day did not get off to the best start for several residents in South City on Sunday.  Approximately 40 cars had windows shattered by what residents believe was probably kids with a BB gun. 

The incident happened overnight on Eichelberger Street, Neosho Street and Alfred Avenue.

Residents woke up to find their cars damaged and a police report on their windshield.  Many were outside in the sun taping their windows, sweeping up broken glass on the ground and cleaning up other debris in front of their home.  Some victims say stuff like this happens all the time. 

Other say it’s just disappointing.

“I don’t think it would make me feel unsafe,” Jodi Miller said, whose husband’s car was vandalized. “I think it makes me worried it could happen again.  To think there are kids playing out here…this is a relatively safe street.  I really hope it doesn’t happen again.”

Calls into police were not immediately returned.  Stay tuned to News 4 and for the latest on this developing story.

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