City takes step towards controversial street closure downtown -

City takes step towards controversial street closure downtown

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

A St Louis Alderwoman is one step closer to having 17th street closed off to improve safety.

The plan would close 17th Street between Washington Avenue and St Charles Street. But many residents aren't happy about it and say they feel they've been lied to.

"We've been trying to find out about what exactly it means it is impactful to all of us who live south of St. Charles Street," says Laura Griffin.

Griffin lives in the Printer's Loft Building. It's where Alderwoman Marlene Davis wants to make changes.

She wants to close a section of 17th Street from Washington Avenue to St Charles. Griffin says that’s problematic.

"It gives us direct access into our garages for two buildings 82 units. It is the direct access from Washington Ave down to Market Street."

Davis says the space would be used by a developer to improve safety and security. Residents say they feel there is a hidden agenda.

"I feel like she's been very deceptive with us about it. I think this bill has been poorly thought out," says Griffin.

Another resident adds, "It is discouraging to say the least we met to talk about it we thought our voices were heard. We presented many signatures and petitions letters from other investors and developers," says Ryan Callahan.

Davis declined News 4’s request for an interview, but she did acknowledge residents’ concerns before her bill was passed.

"I am sorry. I have heard everything. It will require the people in the printers loft building when they go out of their back door to walk an additional 180 feet. I am sorry but I shall move forward with this development," says Davis.

The bill will go up for a final vote June 25. There's a petition going around to stop it, which currently has more than 300 signatures.

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