St. Louis City officials pass unique plan to curb crime downtown -

St. Louis City officials pass unique plan to curb crime downtown

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

St. Louis will soon be passing around a donation jar to help fight crime downtown.

Darlene Green, St. Louis Comptroller proposed the Crime Prevention Fund on June 15. The idea is to create an account that businesses or private individuals can donate to in order to fight crime downtown.

Green says donated funds could help tackle crime downtown and keep police resources in other high crime neighborhoods.

Lewis Reed, President of the Board of Aldermen declined to vote on the measure expressing concern that other neighborhoods would suffer anyway.

News 4’s Lauren Trager also asked Green about additional revenue raised by parking fees and fines. Green says she wants every elected official to listen up.

“I am asking in every case to do more to go above and beyond what you're asked by law to contribute to the General Fund to help fight crime,” said Green.

A new committee will be studying how to squeeze more revenue out of all city departments.

As for as the donation fund, Green says they are going to be asking business partners for money. She’s hoping for $2 million every year.

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