Several aldermen to St. Louis Police Chief: Resign -

Several aldermen to St. Louis Police Chief: Resign

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Chief Sam Dotson (Credit: KMOV) Chief Sam Dotson (Credit: KMOV)
ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Several St. Louis Aldermen are calling for the resignation of police chief Sam Dotson one day after a blog by the chief that called out city judges.

Dotson says offenders are receiving too lenient sentences criminals receive in the city.

"You shouldn't be able to cherry pick where you commit a crime in because the outcomes might be different," says Chief Sam Dotson. 

Dotson says the conversation needs to start with the court system. It's a system he says isn't transparent. 

"You and I and the public have a right to know what happens in those courtrooms. Do those decisions make them safer? I am not picking on the judges, I am saying hey judges step up with everybody else," says Dotson. 

But not everyone agrees. Some Alderman say the chief has a hidden agenda. 

"I am tired of ‘if.’ If you want to be a mayor get out of the uniform and campaign. Honestly, I haven’t seen this much media attention in so long. It is evident what he is doing," says Alderwoman Dionne Flowers. 

Alderman Antonio French added, "The situation isn't getting better it is getting worse. The level of communication from the chief is getting worse and so we can't go another summer without any hope or solution," he says. 

Finally, Alderman Chris Carter said," I want results and so if he isn't the right person that's going to get my people, my side of town the results needed, then yeah he should go," he says. 

Dotson responded.

"First, I haven't made any decisions on what my future plans look like. Also, this isn't something new. If you go back and search Sam Dotson two years ago, you will see I was talking about guns, courts and accountability. This isn't some new strategy," says Dotson. 

The goal Dotson says is to reduce crime in a city that already sees too much of it. 

"We have more arrests this year than last. I want to make sure when we arrest somebody there is an outcome in the court people can say whatever they want to say at the end of the day I know I am trying to make the department better community better that's what those blogs were about," he says. 

Dotson hopes the judges will meet with him and have a conversation about holding offenders accountable. He says he wants to see consequences to the crimes offenders commit so our communities will be safer.

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