Victim raises concern about hit-and-runs in St. Louis -

Victim raises concern about hit-and-runs in St. Louis

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Fatal hit-and-run scene in CWE on April 29 (Credit: KMOV) Fatal hit-and-run scene in CWE on April 29 (Credit: KMOV)

SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( – After a man was killed by a driver in the Central West End, a victim of a hit-and-run is raising her concerns.

Michelle McConville is a hit-and-run victim. She was hurt in 2015 at the intersection of South Jefferson Avenue and Russell Boulevard in South City after a driver hit her and kept going.

“People rolling stops all the live long day, up and down, it's treacherous,” said McConville.

McConville was left with a broken leg, a curved spine and lifelong frustration.

After McConville saw the report about a fatal hit-and-run that happened in the Central West End on April 29, she wanted to ask News 4 what St. Louis can do about the re-occurring problem of hit-and-runs.

“These families who have loved ones who die. What is the city doing for them? Are they going to fall through these loopholes?” said McConville.

If a Missouri bill keeps its momentum, those leaving the scene of an accident would be charged with a class D felony in 2016 and a class C felony in 2017 if a victim is injured or killed in the crash.

The bill advanced through the Senate and it’s on its way to the House. The bill could possibly make it to the desk of Gov. Jay Nixon, by the second week of May.

McConville says she is sick of drivers not caring and she will keep expressing her concern until something is done.

“Simple, basic rules of the road would solve a lot of the problems that are taking place in this city,” said McConville.

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