Crisis Nursery program helps Latino families with settling in, t -

Crisis Nursery program helps Latino families with settling in, trauma

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St. Louis is home to the Arch, the St. Louis Cardinals, and a growing Hispanic population. 

According to the 2014 consensus, there are more than 12,000 Latinos in the city of St. Louis and more than 27,000 living in the county. Some of the families who have made their way to St. Louis are victims of violence in their home countries. 

The St. Louis Crisis Nursery is helping these families with their three-year-old initiative, the Hispanic Outreach Program. While in St. Louis, the families may not have enough food or have health coverage for their children. Many families are still dealing with the mental health issues stemming from the trauma they experienced from home. 

The nursery said the big focus is on the parents, because when the parents are okay, so will the children. 

"We're also able to help with general case management and basic needs to make sure that the kids have all the diapers they need. All the wipes they need, clothes, food, health insurance, those types of basic needs and the third part is we also do support groups,” said Sarah Johnson-Cardona, a Latino Outreach Coordinator.

The program has helped more than 400 families since it first began.

To reach out to the Crisis Nursery about the Latino Outreach Program, you can call 314-479-8331

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