Nice weather brings influx of motorcyclists to roads -

Nice weather brings influx of motorcyclists to roads

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It's the time of the year where more motorcyclists are on the road. (Credit: KMOV) It's the time of the year where more motorcyclists are on the road. (Credit: KMOV)
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In recent weeks, there have been several accidents involving motorcycles as spring weather brings more motorcyclists to the roads.

Highway Patrol officers and motorcycle riding instructors are sharing their thoughts about the problems they're seeing.

"You're talking about moving along on two wheels versus four. A motorcycle is nowhere near as stable, you go from having a roll cage to doors to wearing personal protective gear," Grace Bobrinitz said.

Bobrinitz teaches a motorcycle safety course for new riders.

"We teach six kids per class, people who have never been on a motorcycle even as a passenger," she says.

Bobrinitz says one of the big things she teaches her class is to be more aware on the road.

"Search, evaluation, execute. Search the roadway around you, evaluate where your risk is, execute your plan of attack and keep you safe," Bobrinitz said.  

Missouri State Highway Patrol said this is the time of year where that plan could save riders lives.

"There are many different factors to the increases in crashes. It is hard to put a number on it. We do know that we see an increase in it and we know the reason for it is all the circumstances contributing factors piled on each other, especially at the beginning of the season," Cpl. Juston Wheetley with the Missouri Highway Patrol said.

Troopers say the nicer weather, people riding for the first time and young riders all play a role. That's where that training comes in.

"I want to be that voice you hear in your head reminding you to look through your turn, use both of your  breaks to bring you to a stop, and just as importantly, I don't want to read about them.  I want them to come back and see me year after year," Bobrinitz said..

Riders can take classes if they are as young as 15.5 years-old. But once they pass and get a license, riders under 18 are under a lot of restrictions from the state.

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