News 4 Investigates: Mo. Senator proposes bill to stop phone spo -

News 4 Investigates: Mo. Senator proposes bill to stop phone spoofing

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( – Officials say a federal law could make it illegal to spoof and text.  

Spoofing is when someone receives a call and the number appears to be local or from the government, but it is actually a scammer on the other end.

The Senate Commerce Committee backed the anti-spoofing bill sponsored by Senator Roy Blunt. Along with unwanted calls, the bill would crack down on unwanted text messages.

News 4 investigates has previously reported on the anti-spoofing legislation sponsored by Senator Claire Mccaskill.  As for this current legislation the Senator’s spokesperson sent us this statement: 

"This bill is a good start, but Congress can do even more to combat robocalls and call spoofing. Claire’s bipartisan legislation would go even further by giving the FCC the authority to go after fraudulent robocallers by allowing them to take action against anyone breaking robocall rules, increas‎ing the statute of limitations, and rais‎ing penalties for violations. She believes Missouri consumers deserve even stronger protections when it comes to these scams.”

You can sign up to be on the current Missouri or Illinois No-Call List by clicking on the links.

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