MSD error leads to bill increase for customers in Kirkwood -

MSD error leads to bill increase for customers in Kirkwood

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KIRKWOOD, Mo. ( – A mistake at MSD is costing some Kirkwood homeowners who are getting stuck with some expensive bills.

Brian Rappaport, MSD customer, did not do anything wrong. Yet MSD stated he owed them $122, which is well over his usual $40 bill. Rappaport says he was not the only victim.

"We have neighbors down the street from us. One had $293 and one was $560 and their bill is usually $35-$40 a month," said Rappaport.

MSD spokesman Lance LeComb says the problem began with a change with the City of Kirkwood in measuring water usage and the way sewer bills are calculated. He also mentions MSD did not adjust, which resulted in months of under-billing.

"We just got it wrong on our end," said LeComb.

Due to under-billing, MSD wants money from their Kirkwood customers.

"If it's more than a few dollars, even a couple hundred dollars, we'll certainly work with them on a retainment plan. We've always been good about that and the point here is, this is for services that have been rendered," said LeComb.

This situation has left a bad taste with customers who wonder if this could happen again.

"I mean they're a public utility. Shouldn't they be billing the people they're servicing properly?" said Rappaport.

MSD estimates about 6,500 customers were stung by their mistake as well as another 800 commercial customers. MSD assures this mishap has not affected any customers outside of Kirkwood.

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