Trailer stolen in Richmond Heights with $30,000 worth of tools i -

Trailer stolen in Richmond Heights with $30,000 worth of tools inside

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OVERLAND, Mo. ( – A St. Louis County man is suffering a major setback to his business after a trailer full of tools was stolen from a construction site in Richmond Heights.

Jason Leeker says his trailer was stolen on April 8 in Richmond Heights off Clayton Road in a construction site. But by the time his trailer was recovered on April 12, it was empty.

Leeker is missing $30,000 worth of tools that he uses for his construction business.

Leeker says there is no telling when the trailer was dropped off in Overland at a shopping center off I-170 and Page Avenue. But in the morning on April 12, someone saw the trailer and called the business phone number to report it.

Leeker says he took every precaution – two padlocks on the trailer door and a lock on the hitch. But it was not enough to stop the thieves.

He also says the trailer represents his livelihood.

“Lots of custom hand tools that can't really be replaced, just because I've had them for so long and they just hold some sentimental value as well,” said Leeker. “I've been working with my business about 10 years and just saving up over the years, saving up for these tools and yeah, they were just gone.” 

Leeker says he and his seven employees pride themselves on doing quality work for high-end clients. Replacing the tools will not be an easy task, says Leeker.

“I bought those tools over a period of 10 years, and now with the workflow we have and to keep crews going, I kind of need them pretty quickly just to keep business going, so I'm gonna have to take a stretch financially to get these tools again,” said Leeker.

Leeker mentions he is not upset at whoever is responsible, but hopes anyone who knows anything regarding this incident will call police.

“I really just have forgiveness for them, I really don't have any inner hatred for the person who took them. I just would like my tools back so I can work,” said Leeker.

If you want to help Leeker replace his tools, click here.

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