City fixes sinkhole for family after News 4 steps in -

City fixes sinkhole for family after News 4 steps in

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Jardee Carter's beyond frustrated. He's had enough of only being able to use his front door to get in and out of his home off page in north St. Louis.

A giant sink-hole is to blame. It is between his driveway and the alley

"Fix the problem!" Carter, said. "We don't have access to our yard, I have grandchildren, they definitely can't come back here. My daughter normally comes through the garage, can't do that because of the problem."

Carter and his wife can't even use their own driveway. He said called the city recently, and a crew came out Wednesday to take a look. Hours later, the hole caved so he called again Thursday, before notifying News 4.

News 4 told the city it was looking into this story Friday. While Carter was speaking to News 4, a city crew showed up.

"Typically we see older homes, 60-70-100 years old in the city, very common,” Kent Flake, the City’s Commissioner of Streets said.

Flake says it's a sewer problem and falls under the city's sewer lateral repair program. Basically the clay sewer line that runs from the house to the main sewer line in the alley deteriorated and caused the sinkhole.

The city will take care of the problem because it's on city property.  Like Carter did, Flake says it's important to call early if you think you have this issue.

"A lot of people think maybe go away, not a big deal,” Flake said. “Three days ago this was just a little depression and now we have a sinkhole."

In Carter's case, the city will get bids Monday and plan to have it fixed on Tuesday.

For anyone in a similar situation, call 314-622-4800 to be in touch with the City of St. Louis.

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