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9-year-old uses love of turtles to write book to help educate others on autism

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'The Autistic Turtle' 'The Autistic Turtle'

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – A boy who knew only 20 words by the age of 3 is now a published author who is educating others on autism.

Thomas Morrow created Woodsville, which houses 35 turtles, a lake, boat dock and even a church. The 9-year-old’s love of turtles inspired him to write a book about one who has autism.

Thomas was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years old.

“Up until like 4 we really couldn’t go anywhere,’ Thomas’ mom Tiffany said. “He tantrumed all the time, he cried all the time, he didn’t speak.”

Thomas created the book because his friends had questions.

“My friends were like, ‘Hey, why do you have toys under your desk? Why do you have a different chair?’ asking me all these different questions and I was like maybe I’ll just write a book about it,” he said.

Thomas dictated the story while his grandmother typed. Then, ‘The Autistic Turtle’ became more than just a story.

“Things that he really struggles with that he would like other people to know he listed as chapters,” Tiffany said.

Thomas became a published author by the age of 8, selling more than 1,000 books all over the world.

The inspiring 9-year-old is now working on his second book, ‘The Autistic Turtle 2’.

“I wanna like help kids know what autism is, and parents understand it,” he said.

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