Thieves hit 3 pharmacies in 1 day, steal thousands in drugs -

Thieves hit 3 pharmacies in 1 day, steal thousands in drugs

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AFFTON, Mo. ( – Police are searching in the Affton area for thieves who targeted three pharmacies looking to steal prescription drugs all in one night.

Police say the criminal acts were all done by the same two burglars who crashed through the front doors, including the Medicine Shoppe in Affton.

The thieves moved from pharmacy to pharmacy, first hitting the Medicine Shoppe in Affton, then the Millbrook Pharmacy in University City and the Greentree Pharmacy in Kirkwood.

Tony Roberts, owner of the Greentree Pharmacy said, "So they busted in through the front door and didn't set off the alarm right away. We got them through other systems. They came in and rummage through the pharmacy."

Roberts says the bold crooks did not even use the back door. They zeroed in on something most pharmacy thieves seem to want in recent days.

"They were looking for the hydrocodons and the pain medications, the oxycodons. They cleaned me out, all of it."

Roberts says they took $10,000 worth of prescription drugs.

The owner of the Millbrook Pharmacy says the burglars got into the store but could not get to his locked up pills.

Police say at the Medicine Shoppe location in Affton, the suspects stole $5,400 worth of medications.

Police are unsure what the robbers plan to do with all the narcotics.

Captain Jeff Fuesting from the St. Louis County Police Department said, "It could be they have a drug habit, it could be they need medicine for medical issue, it could be various things."

Police also say there could be a possibility the thieves are looking to sell them on the street where prices can run as high as $10 a pill.

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