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Busch siblings offer to buy Grant’s Farm

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Several brothers and sisters in the Busch family say they want to buy Grant’s Farm and keep it running the way it currently runs.

A spokesman for the family told News 4 their offer is better than Billy Busch, who offered to buy the farm in November 2015. His offer came after the St. Louis Zoo agreed to buy the attraction for $30 million, but the deal was later called off.

Billy Busch still wants to buy the farm and wants to put a small brewery on the property to sell Kraftig, a craft beer he brews.

Below is the statement from the Busch siblings:

We four Busch siblings have made an offer to buy Grant’s Farm to continue to operate it in the same way that the public has loved for 62 years.  In recent months, we have heard the community speak very clearly about their deep affection for Grant’s Farm and the great visitor experience that millions of people have enjoyed. 

We all grew up at Grant’s Farm and are thrilled that St. Louisans and visitors alike are so enthusiastic about a place we love deeply.  Our father, Gussie Busch, opened Grant’s Farm to the public so that others could share in its beauty, magic and fun. He wanted this wonderful place to be available for the public to enjoy in perpetuity, if possible with Busch family ownership, and we are committed to fulfill his vision.

The purpose of our offer and our commitment is to preserve Grant’s Farm as an iconic St. Louis treasure. We and our families plan to honor Grant’s Farm’s heritage of the Busch family, animals, nature, and family fun for today and for generations to come. Our family will make significant investments in the natural landscape and maintenance of buildings and facilities. 

Grant’s Farm has become one of the St. Louis region’s most beloved attractions in an excellent partnership with Anheuser-Busch since 1954. Together with Anheuser-Busch, we will keep the Grant’s Farm experience just as it has been, from natural beauty to animals to complimentary beer. We look forward to another summer of fun at Grant’s Farm starting on Opening Day, April 16.

And here is a statement from Billy Busch:

This new offer from four of my six brothers and sisters is ironic because instead of buying, they’ve been wanting to sell Grant’s Farm all along.

With three of the four no longer residing in St. Louis, this offer comes on the heels of my recent proposal to buy and operate Grant’s Farm for the benefit of generations of St. Louisans to come. My offer of $24.1 million was accompanied by a comprehensive, 10-year business plan to enhance and continue running Grant’s Farm.  

Their offer includes very few details and certainly no guarantees or assurances that they would not sell Grant’s Farm in the future to developers or other entities.

That said, I absolutely intend to continue pursuing the purchase of the property from our family trust, just as I have done since last November.

Additionally, I will petition Wells Fargo and my brother, Adolphus – both Co-Trustees of the family trust -- to seek a detailed, 10-year business plan and assurances that they have the financial wherewithal and business acumen to acquire and operate Grant’s Farm with or without InBev’s year-to-year lease arrangement.

I’ll also seek a written guarantee, if they are successful, that they won’t sell or subdivide the property for any reason whatsoever to further ensure the future of Grant’s Farm for the benefit of all St. Louisans.

The Co-Trustees are now doing their due diligence and closely examining my proposal, and I’m sure they will do the same with this new offer. Then, they will have to decide on the best course of action. So, we’ll see how this plays out.

On a personal note, I have bent over backwards in my proposal to ensure that each of my brothers and sisters had a caring and meaningful role in the future of Grant’s Farm, and offered each of them joint ownership provisions for the iconic and historic Bauernhof. Their offer, however, includes no such in-kind provisions for my brother, Adolphus, or me.

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