MSD propositions could impact taxes in St. Louis City, County -

MSD propositions could impact taxes in St. Louis City, County

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ST. LOUIS ( – The Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) has two propositions they are hoping to get approved on Tuesday’s ballot.

Proposition Y approves the use of $900 million in bonds to improve the waste water system. Officials told News 4 the work has to be done because it was mandated under an agreement with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Currently, the average rate for MSD customers in the St. Louis City and County is $41 per month. If voters approve Proposition Y the rate will go up to about $60 in four years. If Proposition Y is not approved, rates will go to about $95 per month.

“Quite simply, it’s because we’re reaching a very intense part of that agreement with have with the EPA and the coalition for the environment, $1.5 billion in spending over the next four years. So we have to generate enough cash to pay for the projects,” said Lance LeComb, MSD spokesperson.

The second issue on the ballot is Proposition S, which would revamp funding for the regional storm water system.

MSD currently provides limited storm water services to both the St. Louis City and County, but how much and the type of services received depends on location.

MSD said the current system has created a situation where portions of their service area are going without proper service because they pay such a minimum amount of money.

Proposition S would put everyone on one tax rate and in return everybody would receive one level of storm water service. The tax rate would be about 12 cents per $100 assessed value.

“Now depending on where you live, you pay more in taxes, you pay a little bit more in the city and near counties, about 72 cents more or you could get a tax cut. In the area between 270 and the city, it will be about $20 a year, or a third tax cut compared to what you pay MSD overall throughout the year,” said LeComb.

MSD officials told News 4 they want to have a conversation with the community of Maline Creek, which had erosion following heavy rains in 2015, about how to solve long term storm water issues. Some residents who live along Maline Creek say they believe the project will not be a priority even if voters approve Prop S.

The proposition would be the first in several steps to hopefully get a solution for erosion issues down the road.

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