Voters to decide if St. Louis Public School District receives ta -

Voters to decide if St. Louis Public School District receives tax increase

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( – St. Louis Public school leaders and staff are hoping voters give them support for a tax levy.

It is the first time in nearly 25 years, the district is asking for the $0.75 cent boost.

"In the last 50 years, there has been no tax that has been as important as this one. We have not past this tax in the last 25 years," says Richard Gaines, Chairman of the Proposition One campaign.

Gaines says money from the 75 cent tax levy  would go towards things like teacher salaries, improve safety and security and continuing early childhood education.

"Early childhood education is very important those resources starts them off early instead of pushing them in the school expecting them to know," says Parent Josh Conner.

"What this says is this city is competitive, this city is focused on supporting kids. This city is focused on community," said St. Louis Schools Superintendent Dr. Kelvin Adams. "It's a great city to raise children in the public institution and public education really needs to be thought of in that kind of way of supportive."

For voters, this tax levy  means an approximately an additional $12 dollars per month or roughly $140 dollars per year for someone with a $100,000 dollar home.

"It is more out of my pocket and a lot of people don't have it and that is why i am against it. 75 cents might not seem like much, but you’re talking about thousands of people paying is a lot of money and we just don't have it," says Roy Cody.

Parent Shameem Hubbard says this prop is all about investing in the future of children.

"If you can look into our children's eyes and their experiences at their school and know that there are things that need to get done and be improved the these funds will directly affect and support that and help that how can you say no?" says Hubbard.

The district currently receives money from the feds and state. It says those funds are about to run out and that is why they are turning to voters on Tuesday.

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