Man says city wrongfully towed his car, made him pay to get it b -

Man says city wrongfully towed his car, made him pay to get it back

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A St. Louis man is upset after he says his car was wrongfully towed but he still had to pay to get it back.

Charles Janzen, 65, parked his car in the 700 block of Euclid and returned to see it booted. Less than an hour later, he says his car was towed to the St. Louis City tow lot. According to authorities, his plates were associated with four or more unpaid parking tickets.

“I'm totally confused, I don't know what is going on,” said Janzen.

Janzen said he knew he had no outstanding parking tickets, so he went to the St. Louis City Parking Violations Bureau to get an explanation. He said he was shocked by the paperwork he received.

“It's not my name, it's not my address, it's not my license plate number, it's not my VIN number and of course the four tickets that he didn't pay aren't mine,” said Janzen.

The paperwork he received had a stranger’s information on it. The stranger had a listed address in Columbia, Mo.

News 4 contacted the St. Louis Treasurers Office to find out how this happened. The treasures office sent a statement explaining in part that Janzen’s car had two different license plates on it, one of which had delinquent tickets and was boot eligible.

However, Mr. Janzen said when he picked up his car from the tow lot his plates were matching. He says he has asked for proof from the Parking Violations Bureau that two different plates were on his car, but he hasn’t received that proof.

Janzen made several trips to the Parking Violations Bureau and eventually $450 of fines and fees were waived because of the mix-up, but he still had to pay $50 to get his car.

“Even though they said, 'We are not going to hold you responsible for these tickets, but the city was justified in booting your car in the first place so you have to pay the boot fee,'” said Janzen. 

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