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Divorced parents want Wright City Schools to offer kids more than 1 bus stop

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Wright City school buses (Credit: KMOV) Wright City school buses (Credit: KMOV)

WRIGHT CITY, Mo. (KMOV.com) – A school district is struggling with whether it should allow a student to have more than one designated bus stop.

Parents who are divorced but share custody of their children say it would be a huge help. On certain days, the child could ride the bus to the mother’s house; and on other days, to the father's house.

The Wright City School District has about 1,600 students and covers 92 square miles. The vast majority of students have one bus stop. But the district says due to an oversight, it was allowing some students to have more than one.

Other divorced parents were denied their request for more than one bus stop. Those parents raised the issue with the school board. Now the district says its trying to clarify its policy.

Mary Groeper from the Wright City School Board said, “Although I'm sympathetic to their needs, I still have this concern for the safety of all our students.”

Groeper says the district needs to know where the students should be at all times. She also says multiple bus stops would lead to confusion.

Groeper says she is leaning toward keeping the one student/one stop rule.

“I'm open to listen to what the lawyers have to say and what other districts are doing but I want to make sure those kids are safe. And if that means just having one stop and knowing that that's where they're to be at a certain time then, yes, I would say that's the way I'm leaning but I'm open to listening to what everyone has to say,” said Groeper.

The neighboring Fort Zumwalt District has the one stop rule but educators say exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis.

Dr. Bernard Dubray, Fort Zumwalt Superintendent said, “Typically in a divorce situation, if it's writing in a divorce decree or the parenting plan, that's pretty much an automatic. If it's not that, if it's babysitting arrangements, we make the parents justify it before we do anything with it.”

A spokesperson from the City of St. Louis Public School District even says the district does its best to accommodate parents when there is an issue of dual custody. The spokesperson says it is not always possible, but they do their best to accommodate them.

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