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Shriner's Hospital helped transform lives of 3 children adopted from China

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Teegan Willson playing the piano (Credit: KMOV) Teegan Willson playing the piano (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS ( – Shriner’s Hospital helped to transform to lives of three adopted children from China.

Teegan Willson likes playing the piano with her older sister, she just does it a little differently.

“When I first started piano it was challenging because I couldn’t play all the notes that the composer sometimes writes,” Hadley, 18, said.

Teegan, Hadley and their brother Andrew were all adopted from China by Harry and Bunnie Willson.

“Hadley was missing part of her arm, Andrew was missing part of his foot and Teegan was born with club feet,” Bunnie said. “China looks at them as special needs and they look at them as throw away kids really. We were like, we need to bring them over here and give them the chance to see that they’re not special kids, they are kids just like everyone else.”

Shriner’s Hospital helped the children.

“They obviously helped me with my physical differences,” Hadley said.

“After they made my leg I was able to walk normally and run and do a lot of activities I couldn’t without Shriner's,” said Andrew.

“They put tape on my feet,” Teegan said.

Thanks to Shriner’s Hospital, Hadley is now studying for the ACT’s and playing guitar, Andrew is working on becoming an Eagle Scout and Teegan is doing what any normal 9-year-old does.

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