Construction season beginning, drivers frustrated on roads -

Construction season beginning, drivers frustrated on roads

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Construction on I-44 (Credit: KMOV) Construction on I-44 (Credit: KMOV)

SOUTH ST. LOUIS ( - Construction season is almost in full swing, yet drivers say they are already seeing noticeable impacts on roadways.

"They have narrowed the lanes down and they've got a lot of construction. I know it's construction season. It's a little dangerous I think," said driver, Jim Cantrell.

News 4 decided to drive southbound on I-44 to see what drivers, like Cantrell, are experiencing on the roadways. Near the Hampton exit, cones are up and lanes merge. It's the same type of drive going eastbound where there are three narrow lanes for drivers to pass through.

Daniel Wampler, another driver said, "You will be next to a big ole four wheeler. You've got your kids in the car and your wife is screaming. It's crazy. It's just crazy.”

As it turns out, MoDOT says the lanes are narrower than usual.

"As we need room for construction we do take our standard 12-foot lanes and we do reduce them to 10 feet along with the speed limit. So drivers need to stay alert and be conscientious of emergency vehicles passing as they come through," said MoDOT engineer, Michelle Voegele.

The St. Louis City Fire Department confirmed the narrow lanes can cause issues for their employees to move quickly because the lanes can get congested through work zones.

Drivers say it's not just driving on the interstate when they face problems, it’s exiting too.

"The cones are knocked over, you think that you get over and then you almost causing an accident. It's a hassle. The whole thing is a headache and a hassle," said Wampler.

Some drivers say they avoid work zones as much as they can.

"Trying to look for a good route that there's no construction on so I don't get in any kind of traffic jam or junk on my car," said Cantrell.

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