St. Charles County residents fed up with trash along I-70 -

St. Charles County residents fed up with trash along I-70

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St. Peters City Hall (Credit: KMOV) St. Peters City Hall (Credit: KMOV)

ST. CHARLES COUNTY ( – Many residents in St. Peters say they are fed up with debris along Interstate 70.

Enough residents complained about the trash along I-70 to city hall. Residents say an alderman went out and took several pictures to see the extent of the problem.

The city says because the trash is mostly along I-70, the problem is MoDOT’s responsibility to pick it up.

MoDOT says it is not unusual in the early spring to see a lot of trash because the summer mowing season has not begun.

Dave Berryman’s shop, The Blind Broker sits along I-70. He says it is irritating to look on the other side of the chain-link fence and see scattered trash.

“Very irritating. Whether it's candy wrappers, McDonald's bag, cigarette butts, when you see it go out the window you think, ‘really, how hard would it be to take that home with you,’” said Berryman.

Officials say this is not the kind of image that St. Peters wants to present to the world.

Len Pagano, Mayor of St. Peters said, “If you look at the City of St. Peters as a whole, our streets are pristine, the subdivisions and so forth, and I believe the residents want to see the same thing at their front door.”

MoDOT claims the problem should get better when the summer mowing season starts. They say before the mowers work on the roadsides, crews pick up trash.

According to MoDOT, the state government organization spends $5 million a year picking up litter.

Jim Wright, St. Charles Area Engineer for MoDOT said, “We spend real dollars on the road picking up trash that can be spent on the road providing better pavement, better signage and taking care of the real needs of the road.”

Currently there are 12 organizations in the Adopt-A-Highway Program that picks up trash along more than six miles of I-70 in St. Charles County.

The state’s Adopt-A-Highway Program is a three year commitment. Organizations that take part are required to pick up trash four times a year.

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