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Woman's wedding ring saved by trash company after being accidentally thrown out

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KMOV.com) - A Chesterfield couple is thanking its trash company after losing and finding their 12.5 carat wedding ring, worth $400,000.

“I just probably tossed it right in the trash,” said wife, Carla Squitieri.

By the time Carla Squitieri realized she really had lost her wedding ring, it was too late. The ring was already on a trash truck operated by Meridian Waste Services, LLC.

“I said the trash man's gone already. He left five hours ago,” said her husband, Bernie Squitieri.

The couple called the trash company, which told them the truck was on its way to the landfill.

“Meridian said it's on its way to Bridgeton, Bridgeton's radioactive. We couldn’t go there; it's against federal law,” said Bernie Squitieri.

The couple convinced Meridian to divert the truck to a facility in O’Fallon, Missouri, where the Squitieri's soon found themselves staring up at a giant heap of trash.

Operations manager Joe Evans for Meridian Waste Services said he left his post at Bridgeton and drove to O’Fallon, Mo. to help.

“My first thought was we're never going to find it. It was like finding a needle in a haystack basically,” said Evans.

But they did find it.

Less than half an hour after the group started looking, Evans found Carla’s ring and her wedding band — nestled inside a bag of the couple's trash.

“I was like yeah, I found it! And I took it right over to her, and I opened it up, and both pieces were just laying there. They were so grateful, who wouldn't be, right?” said Evans.

Carla Squitieri described feeling immediate relief.

“That’s the lotto for me,” said Carla Squitieri. “That was my Powerball.”

The couple was impressed with Evans’ honesty, saying he could’ve easily slipped the ring into his pocket, instead of turning it in.

“The fact that he found it and showed it to us and gave it back to us,” Bernie Squitieri explained, “that gave us hope that there's still good, honest people in St. Louis, Mo.”

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