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Hazelwood superintendent apologizes for alleged racially-charged Facebook post

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The interim superintendent of the Hazelwood School District apologized Tuesday for what some are calling a racially-charged Facebook post.

Dr. Ingrid Clark-Jackson recently published a post on Facebook that read in part:

“I appreciate all the support. That’s what gets me through the day knowing y’all will come shut these kkkowards down.”

Her post was a response to another post from someone supporting the district’s positions on controversial budget cuts. Many students and parents oppose the cuts. Some parents and officials have called for her to resign.

 Amidst the controversy, Clark-Jackson has been making some progress with the district's budget. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, she is working with staff to try and keep music programs in the mornings or on the weekends. Clark-Jackson said she will let students know in 30 days what the district comes up with. 

Read Clark-Jackson's apology below:

"I want to sincerely apologize to you because I was not referring to you or any of the members of your group regarding my Facebook post, however as an employee of two years and leader of this district, I have been called out by individuals who want to capitalize on their own agenda.

I have been called racist derogatory names and received several threats as the superintendent of this district. So like any human being, and as a result of anger and frustration, I respond on my Facebook page. Was it the right thing to do? Absolutely not but I too am human.

Racism should not be a factor in 2016, but yet it still exist. We must be better and exhibit tolerance for our kids.”

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