North County residents fear losing property to creek after askin -

North County residents fear losing property to creek after asking MSD for help

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NORTH COUNTY ( – Residents in North County are still living in fear of losing their property to a nearby creek used for storm water.

Residents say they asked the MSD for help. The answer from the MSD was not what the residents wanted to hear as their property slowly starts to sink away.     

Sharon Tabb, North County resident said, "It's getting progressively worse."

Tabb says her backyard is sinking into the Maline Creek. After heavy rain passes through the area, Tabb says the creek seems to swell with storm water.

The latest incident was in December 2015 when torrential rain forced the creek to swallow up yards.

Sean Hadley, MSD spokesperson said, "We know it's a frustrating situation, but the fact of the matter is, there is limited funding in the storm water tax they pay currently."

Residents of the Hathaway Manor South subdivision say their emotions border on anger because they have yet to see any work to shore up the creek.

Residents say they received a letter in 2004 in which MSD proposed to look at and work on the creek.

Caroline Cannon, Hathaway Manor subdivision resident said, "It [the letter] says to me this has been an ongoing problem and they have not done anything about it."

Tabb says she is worried about the creek.

"I don't think they are people of their word. I've spoken to many people there over the years and they say we're coming through, we don't have any money but you're next on the list and it never happens."

According to the MSD, Proposition S is up for a vote in April. The proposition would establish a uniform storm water tax across the area.

The MSD says they are not making any promises, but with the uniform storm water tax, they can start a discussion with residents about fixing the creek.

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