News 4 Investigates: Government funded program infested with fra -

News 4 Investigates: Government funded program infested with fraud expanding

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - News 4 has exposed a government funded program riddled with fraud that could be expanded by hundreds of millions of dollars. 

The Lifeline Program funds cell phones for low income Americans and could be expanding into free Internet. 

The program is paid by the universal service fee, which is a fee you pay on your phone bill.

The FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler, released a fact sheet stating the expansion to Broadband. The expansion would include a budget mechanism of $2.25 billion. Officials are worried about the expansion because the budget is not capped.

If the program expands to Broadband, the universal service fee could go up. If the fee increases, everyone who pays for their cell phone service will have higher phone bills.

FCC Commissioner Mike O'Reilly stated the program could balloon to $4 billion a year.

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