News 4 Schools: Local school takes modern approach to music educ -

News 4 Schools: Local school takes modern approach to music education

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One local high school taking on a new, 21st century approach to music education through what they are calling the STEAM initiative.

Schools around the country are trying to find creative ways to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiatives.  In the St. Louis area, Bayless High School is taking STEM one step further to what they are calling STEAM.  Bayless officials added an 'A' because they want to put an emphasis on art, specifically music, as well.

Cheryl Martini has become a bit of a celebrity at Bayless High School.

"I have students I've never seen before come up to me and say 'You're that one teacher who teaches that class,' yes, yes that's me." said Martini.

Martini teaches Music Design and Applications, which considers a 21st century music class.  Using Apple's Garage Band, students compose and record music of their choice.

Students are able to express themselves through the music they create because they are not forced to record something assigned by the teacher.  This is the first year the class has been offered, and its popularity is skyrocketing.

Not only is the class appealing to students wanting to express their creativity through music, but it also appeals to students who may not feel comfortable performing live for a group of people.  Because the students record their songs, they do not have to perform them in front of the class, only play what they recorded.

"One of the biggest issues with being in band or choir is that you perform in front of people.  Anxiety is a real thing.  Having the ability to come in here, record what you're going to do and perfect it before you present it out to the world alleviates a lot of that issue," Martini said. 

This music class of the 21st may just breed an artist of the future.

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