Family of Franklin Co woman allegedly killed in Mexico speaks -

Family of Franklin Co woman allegedly killed in Mexico speaks

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Tamra Turpin Tamra Turpin

The family of a Franklin County woman is asking for the public's help as they try to learn more about how their daughter died in Mexico.

Tamra Turpin was on vacation with St. Clair attorney John Loveless, her boyfriend who is now in the custody of Mexican authorities while they investigate this case. On Thursday, a judge in Mexico ordered Loveless to stand trial for the death.

Turpin's family held a news conference Wednesday to share what they know so far and to talk about the challenges they are facing with the Mexican government. 

"She was very loving, caring she loved animals she was a very unique person," says Evalena Duncan, Turpin's mother. 

Photos of Turpin were on both sides of her stepfather, mother and sister as they spoke out about her sudden death. 

Jodi Mills, Turpin's sister, says Loveless sent a Facebook message about Turpin. 

"He had said that she wanted to kill herself and that she took a bunch of pills and that she was out of her head, and that he took her to the hospital and she was having seizures and was out of her head," says Mills.

Mills says the next day, Loveless told her Turpin was released, but had a slight setback, then was fine and resting. 

"The next message came in at 3:49 p.m. and it said ‘I am so sorry she has passed.’ I have no words. I was in shock. I called him immediately. I am thinking how could this be a message that was autocorrect? Nobody wants to receive a text like that and who would send a text like that," says Mills. 

An autopsy showed that Turpin died of asphyxia by strangulation. Loveless' attorneys are getting a second opinion on that autopsy. They asked for a second autopsy to be performed, which was done on Tuesday.

Mills says dealing with the Mexican government is more than challenging and that all the family wants are answers. 

"Everybody wants to know what happened to their loved ones. Even getting the body back is part of the grieving process.  At this point we are still shocked," says Mills. 

Turpin's family says her body is expected to be back in the U.S. by the end of the week. They have hired legal counsel in Mexico to represent them.

Turpin's mother says Loveless' family isn't being too cooperative with them. She did say his son called her and said his dad is innocent, adding the truth will come out in time.

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