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News 4 Schools: 'Kid Superintendent' serves as voice for students, teachers in Rockwood

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ST. LOUIS ( – A student known as “Kid Superintendent” is a key inspiration for students in the Rockwood School District. 

Ben Bachert has become somewhat of a celebrity these days. He’s a third grader at Pond Elementary, but that’s not his only job.

“I get to be a role model to younger kids and older kids too,” Bachert said.

Bachert is the Rockwood School District’s Kid Superintendent.

Dr. Eric Knost came up with the idea for a child in the district to serve as a voice for fellow students and teachers alike.

“As adults we're motivated by our children and they need more voice and we need to exalt them and he was just the perfect candidate for that,” Knost said. 

Nine-year-old Bachert has plenty of charisma. Knost chose him out of more than 100 videos submitted by students of all ages.

“He's a great kid he's a great student. He’s very bright. You see him in this building--he connects with adults he connects with peers—he connects with anybody that walks into this building.”

As part of his role, Bachert makes inspirational videos intended to motivate others.

He told News 4’s Emily Rau the secret to being good at his job.

“Just be yourself that's basically what a lot of my role models say, like Abe Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.,” said Bachert. “You've got to be brave and you can't have stage fright and stuff like that because you’re going to end up doing stuff like this which is being on the news.”

Watch Kid Superintendent’s videos here:

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