Impeachment hearing against mayor of Jennings resumes Tuesday -

Impeachment hearing against mayor of Jennings resumes Tuesday

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( – The mayor of Jennings if fighting to keep her job against allegations of favoritism amongst employees.

The prosecution alleges that Mayor Yolanda Fountain-Henderson would not hold every potential employee to the same standard when considering them for employment. They also say she would allegedly reject job applications if the applicant wouldn’t list their references’ home addresses, but would overlook it if she was the one who urged the applicant to apply.

“The truth is going to come out. What’s the truth? Well, the truth is all of these different things are not true,” she said. “We have people scheming this for a long time and we should be working together as one, not fighting against each other.”

The defense is now questioning witnesses this evening. As of right now, Fountain-Henderson is accused of committing 19 acts of misconduct during a nine-month period, including accusations that she used city money to fix private property, which she denies.

The hearing will continue on Tuesday.

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