Man misspells 'Google' and almost loses $1,200 -

Man misspells 'Google' and almost loses $1,200

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( -- News 4 is always watching out for scammers who might try to con you, so when we got a call from a man who said he nearly lost $1,200 in a scam, we started investigating.           

"I went to what I thought as Google directions. I typed in my address and all of a sudden my screen froze up and it said you have been hacked and then a voice said please call this number you have this virus," says John Stawizynski.  

Stawizynski says he picked up the phone and called. "They said hit these keys, a couple of keys and all of a sudden they have your computer and they started saying you've been hacked by the Russians," he says.

Stawizynski says the person over the phone told him it would cost nearly $1,200 dollars to fix. "I am just trying to figure (it) out. I was just trying to get driving directions. My wife called the FBI because something didn't sound right and they had told us it's a scam shut your computer off," Stawizynski  says.

We checked in with a computer expert to find out more about this scam. "It's a common scam now a days people go to a website and have a pop up appear that says you have a virus call this number," says Scott Granneman, Adjunct Professor at Washington University.

Granneman says hackers are getting better at tricking their victims. "When you see something that says 'virus, virus, virus' call this number a lot of people are going to say i need to call that number. Then the person on the other end of the phone convinces them to allow access and all is lost," he says.

Stawizynski took his computer to the store and got a new anti virus system on it, but he says this experience haunts him. "We still worry about it. What will they do with the information they did get?" he says.

Part of the problem he thought he was on Google but he misspelled the address and was actually on a fake site. Computer experts say if this happens to you, you need to wipe your computer clean. That is the only way to make sure those hackers that got in the first time, can't get back in again.

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