Illinois drivers may be paying more for tickets -

Illinois drivers may be paying more for tickets

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A national study shows speeding tickets have a bigger financial impact on some Illinois drivers.

In the study, several Illinois communities spend more money than any other drivers in the country.

The study is from NerdWallet. And it points not necessarily to the tickets themselves, but the costs associated with insurance rate hikes after a driver gets ticketed.

Most speeding tickets for Illinois drivers amount to $120. But after receiving that ticket, the average Illinois driver will receive a $124 rate increase in annual car insurance rates. That rate hike will last for five years, coming out to a total financial impact of $624 paid in extra insurance costs.

It means depending on where drivers live, some Illinois drivers are spending 6.2 times the cost of the initial speeding ticket. But experts say blame is on the insurance companies.

“The whole point of auto insurance is to transfer risk from the actual consumer to the company,” Steven Pingolt, Country Financial Insurance, said. “So if they see this area has more risk, the rates are gonna need to go up to contain that.  It’s not just this city or this state, its driving. It’s your driving and the driving records everything."

The study shows 10 Illinois cities on the list and drivers be paying a lot more for speeding tickets in the long run. Oak Forest near Chicago tops the list.

The total cost for the ticket to the five-year insurance increase totals $844.40.

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