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Local GOP official says party can stop Trump at convention regardless of primaries' outcome

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

The former head of the Missouri Republican Party said the GOP could stop Donald Trump from the getting the nomination even if he secures enough delegates to be the Republican nominee in primaries and caucuses.

Even though Trump has recently been endorsed by several GOP elected officials and is winning most caucuses and primaries, many Republicans are still opposed to him with some GOP officials stating they will not support him even if he is the Republican nominee.

Ed Martin, who works for the conservative interest group Eagle Forum, and a former chairman of the Missouri GOP, believes Trump will win the Missouri Republican Primary on March 15.

“People are moving and they’re moving towards winning,” Martin said.

Mathematically, Trump appears to be in solid position to win the necessary number of delegates to win the GOP presidential nomination, but Martin says party leaders could still prevent that from happening by changing party rules.

In an article, Martin says GOP insiders could change party rules that govern how delegates vote at the Republican National Convention.

“Today, Missouri delegates are bound for their person, but that’s just a rule of the convention. The convention could change the rules and say everyone can vote their conscience, and we’ll vote for anyone," Martin said.

Martin believes such a move could tear the Republican Party apart.

“If it happened, the party would be torn to pieces, but if you hate Trump more than that, you’re willing to risk that,” Martin said. 

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