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2 months after flooding, giant hole in Byrnes Mill road still not repaired

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A giant hole in a road in a Byrnes Mill subdivision has not been repaired two months after flood waters receded.

The 12-foot hole was formed during flooding in late December. It lies at the entrance to the Walnut Ridge Subdivision on a private street.

“There’s only one way in and out and if anything should happen, there are children and stuff in here that concerns me,” said John, a resident.

Flooding washed out the soil under half of the street, which is the only entrance. Barrels have been brought in since then. Many residents say they have been in the dark about repairs.

“It is frustrating, just waiting to see when it’s going to be fixed or if it’s going to be fixed,” said resident Diana Barthen.

The road with the hole is a private street but is owned by more than one person, which is complicating plans for repairs. Don Karg, the son of a subdivision trustee is trying to bring all of the owners together.

“You’ve got about four entities, four groups of people who have to come together, recognize there’s a cost involved, decide who’s going to pay for it and how the money’s going to come about,” said Karg.

Two subdivisions and two homeowners have responsibilities for the road. Repairs were delayed in part while they waited to see if FEMA would cover some of the cost, but FEMA will not be pitching in.

All of the responsible parties met Wednesday for the first time to hash out plans for repairs which will cost an estimated $54,000. Homeowners in the subdivision will each have to pitch in more than $1,000. Some people are willing to contribute more if some homeowners can’t afford their part.

A meeting has been scheduled for Saturday to fill in homeowners on the situation.

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