News 4 Investigates: Federal government wants local bankruptcy b -

News 4 Investigates: Federal government wants local bankruptcy business shutdown

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

The federal government is asking that Critique Services, a bankruptcy company, to shutdown following an investigation by News 4.

Agents are saying undercover video from News 4 is proof of wrongdoing.

The Department of Justice is asking a federal judge to stop Critique Services, it's owner and one of the employees from providing bankruptcy services.

One of the reasons why is because of what News 4 captured on video in an undercover investigation.

Critique Services’ manager Renee Mayweather was doing business at the location with News 4, despite a judge saying that no lawyer could use Critique Services’ location as a business address.

When News 4 went in undercover, Mayweather initially seemed all too ready to help out if she was paid.

The video is now being used as an argument in a federal filing against Critique Services, saying Mayweather and Critique's owner Beverly Holmes Diltz are in violation of other court orders against them.

During this investigation, over two dozen people complaining about critique have talked to News 4. Many are paying for services they say they never received.

A judge is suspending Critique's lawyers for things like falsifying documents and lying to their clients. And there's more: Additional documents reveal that even though they likely rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, Holmes Diltz admits under oath that they haven't filed taxes in at least the past three years.

Critique's clients now demanding answers and action.

“I walked into the hands of evilness,” Jeanette Davis said.           

Also developing, Dean Meriwether, one of Critique’s lawyers, has now been suspended by Missouri's Supreme Court. He cannot practice any kind of law for a year.

News 4 talked to him briefly outside Critique's offices back in January, he'd said he planned to keep practicing and that all of Critique's clients would be getting refunds.

The attorney representing Critique has said they believe the courts are the ones to blame, imposing unjust and unfair restrictions on the business and harming the mostly African American clients who need help by leaving them without lawyers.

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