News 4 Schools: A Ladue District elementary school shows kindnes -

News 4 Schools: A Ladue District elementary school shows kindness towards employee

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Old Bonhomme Elementary students (Credit: KMOV). Old Bonhomme Elementary students (Credit: KMOV).

OLIVETTE, Mo. ( - At Old Bonhomme Elementary School, in the Ladue District, the motto is ‘choose kindness.’

The school community learned there are some people in the neighborhood who need to know what it means to live by their motto.

Educators said a driver, passing by the crossing guard, yelled hateful language out the window.

“She yelled racial slurs at our crossing guard and that wasn’t the worst of it, we had a another person drive by and continue to yell racial slurs,” said Elisa Roth, art teacher at Old Bonhomme Elementary School.

The school community said they were outraged. Educators decided to tell the children about what happened, without using the exact language.

“We did let them know that it was words that targeted her because of her skin color and because she was woman. And right away the kids knew that was not fair,” said Leah Crawford, a fourth grade teacher.

Crawford said the children were sad for the crossing guard, who also works as a custodian in the fourth grade classroom.

Nyla Robinson is a student in Crawford’s class and said, “That’s not right and we already went through that and it’s just sad."

Teachers decided that not saying anything would be as bad as taking part in the hate.

“This is not okay. This is not who we are this is not what we accept,” said Crawford.

The students made signs to reflect their priorities of kindness and love. Educators said the students stand outside at the crosswalk every week to show their support for the crossing guard. 

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