Mo. lawmakers pushing gun legislation aimed at protecting childr -

Mo. lawmakers pushing gun legislation aimed at protecting children

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A gun (Credit: KMOV) A gun (Credit: KMOV)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. ( – Lawmakers in Missouri are pushing new gun legislation aimed at protecting children.

"I don’t think we wait for this to be a common problem, we’ve seen children get their hands on guns and either shoot themselves accidentally or another child and I think we have a responsibility to prevent those things for happening,” said Mary Pat Carl, a lead homicide prosecutor.

Under the proposed legislation, any gun owner who fails to secure a loaded gun that is available in the presence of a child under age 17 could spend one day to four years in prison. If the unsecured gun results in a child being hurt the owner could receive between five and 15 years in prison, and if a child is killed the owner could receive 10 years to 30 years or life in prison. 

“This legislation promotes easy safe ways that everybody can do their part to do that it’s as simple as buying a gun lock or a gun safe or putting it unloaded out of the reach of a child,” Carl said.

Last year, five children accidentally shot themselves or others throughout the state, which is the most in the nation.

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