Maplewood City Council approving first permit for short-term vac -

Maplewood City Council approving first permit for short-term vacation rentals

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Airbnb website (Credit: KMOV) Airbnb website (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS COUNTY ( - The city council in Maplewood, Missouri is approving their first permit for short-term vacation rentals.

According to officials, the city can approve the permit, but only if they pass a three page list of serious restrictions.

Officials said the regulation on short-term rentals in Maplewood, Mo. is being called a good compromise.

However, sites like Airbnb and Vacation Rentals by owner, VRBO, are giving homeowners the opportunity to rent their home or a portion of it to people who are looking for an affordable place to stay.

There are hundreds of homes listed for rent through Airbnb and VRBO in the St. Louis area. A lot of travelers say they like the service and it’s a way for homeowners to make extra cash.

But in many cities, the short-term rental situation is seen as a head-scratcher for officials and is often not regulated like a hotel or business.

In October 2015, St. Louis residents said they were concerned about short-term rentals in their neighborhoods.

Similar worries were raised by officials in Maplewood, Mo.

Anthony Traxler, Assistant City Manager of Maplewood, Mo. said, “There are some health and safety issues as well, which is why we wanted to create this regulation so we can make sure people who stay in Maplewood are safe.”

Officials say the council passed their compromise ordinance in October 2015. But the first permit has been issued in February 2016.

The ordinance could serve as a model as other cities in the St. Louis area look to create their own regulations.

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