Lawmakers consider concealed guns on Missouri mass transit -

Lawmakers consider concealed guns on Missouri mass transit

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri lawmakers are considering whether to allow concealed weapons on public transit.

Republican Sen. Bob Onder told a Senate panel Wednesday that his proposal is about safety. He said public transit can be dangerous, and allowing people to carry concealed guns on buses and trains would deter crime.

Mass transit representatives for St. Louis, Springfield and Kansas City opposed the legislation, saying cities should be able to regulate their own public transportation. Kathi Harness said St. Louis' Metro Transit already contracts nearly 300 police and security guards.

It is currently a felony to carry a concealed weapon on public transit. The bill would not apply to Amtrak trains.

Last year similar legislation passed a House committee but didn't make it to the floor, and a Senate bill died in committee.

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