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Brackets for Good Tournament

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KMOV is proud to partner with Brackets for Good.  The six-round tournament takes place over five weeks beginning on February 26th and ending on April 1st, with each of the first four rounds lasting a full week and the semifinal and championship round each lasting three days.  This initiative helps build awareness, raise funds and expand the marketing capability for local nonprofits through completive, online fundraising tournaments.

Since March 2012, Brackets for Good tournaments have raised $1.3 Million for local charities in Indianapolis, Louisville, and Washington, D.C.  This year, they have expanded to St. Louis, Ann Arbor and the Twin Cities.

The tournament begins with 64 local charities, each paired in a competitive match-up against an opponent. Charities advance through the rounds by scoring more points than their opponent. Every $1 donated through this link equals 1 point scored for the chosen charity.  At the end of each round, the nonprofit with the most points in the individual match-up advances to the next round, the points are reset, and the fundraising continues until a champion is crowned.

Rounds end each Friday at 7:59:59 pm and at 8:00:00 pm the winners are announced and the next round of the tournament progresses.

The grand prize is $10,000, provided by Youthbridge Community Foundation.

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