Call Colombo: News 4 gets result for person waiting on refund fr -

Call Colombo: News 4 gets result for person waiting on refund from AT&T

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - Janiece Muhammad is a wonderful resource for her uncle, Larry Massey.  She helps keep his affairs in order and does her best to protect him from any scams targeting the elderly.  In May, she noticed a new phone line installed at her uncle's home.

"It wasn't connected, it didn't have a hole drilled or anything like that.  The cord wasn't long enough." said Muhammad. 

She knew the line was not installed properly and made sure AT&T came out to fix it.  Little did they know, their problems with AT&T were just starting.

Janiece took a closer look at her uncle's finances and saw he was being double billed by AT&T.  One charge for the new line, and one charge for the line installed through the window that no longer existed.  

Janiece said she contacted AT&T and the company acknowledged its error.  She was told her uncle would be issued a refund for nearly $400.  That was nearly six months ago.

"They admit they owed it.  They said they would credit it three or four times that I talked to them, but we have never received it or he has never received it."

Mr. Massey lives on a fixed income and desperately needs the money to make ends meet.  

"Why do we have to wait five, six months to get some $300 some odd dollars back?  It just doesn't make sense.  It makes me feel that nobody cares."

Well, News 4 cares and we wanted to make sure Mr. Massey finally got his money.  The issue was brought to AT&T's attention and after all those months, the company paid up.  A spokesperson apologized for the unfortunate delay.

Mr. Massey received his check from AT&T in the mail last week and the company applied an additional credit to his account for the inconvenience.

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