Thieves break into cars in South City neighborhood -

Thieves break into cars in South City neighborhood

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Lai Doan shows his car that was allegedly broken into. (Credit: KMOV) Lai Doan shows his car that was allegedly broken into. (Credit: KMOV)

It is another strong reminder that thieves are always looking for opportunities of crime. People in a South City neighborhood found that out this morning when they went to start their cars

Lai Doan says an out of place jacket and receipts thrown across the passenger seat were the first two red flags that someone had been in his car. 

"They took all the receipts I put inside a box and the change is gone and my wife's sunglasses are gone too," says Doan. 

Doan lives in the Boulevard Heights neighborhood. He says those sunglasses cost upwards of $300 dollars. He called police right away and that's when he found out he wasn't the only one. 

Just up the street, police say another victim reported paperwork missing from his car. Police say that victim isn't sure if the car was locked, but Doan says he knows he locked his car. 

"They invaded my privacy and it should not have happened since we live close by the police and the mayor is a couple of blocks away," says Doan. 

News 4 spoke with another resident who said crime like this in her neighborhood, isn't shocking. 

"It has got new merchandise, I guess new things and probably maybe they think people have more money for things now then their area does," says Betty Delusia.

As police continue to investigate, Doan says this whole incident has unnerved not just him, but his family too. 

"I park way up here inside my car porch and somebody come in there, so that is scary and my wife is concerned too," he says. 

Police said these two incidents are isolated. 

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