Call Columbo: Valley Park woman gets MSD flood claim answered -

Call Columbo: Valley Park woman gets MSD flood claim answered

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Heavy rain caused flooding in the Valley Park area. (Credit: SkyZoom4) Heavy rain caused flooding in the Valley Park area. (Credit: SkyZoom4)

VALLEY PARK, Mo. ( - Many flood victims are still dealing with the aftermath of last year’s late floods. A Valley Park, Missouri woman stuck in the middle of a frustrating flood claim called News 4 to get answers from Metropolitan Sewer District.

Surveying flood damage on Xavier Court in Valley Park, nothing at street level would indicate the families who live here suffered losses.

But the basements of these homes tell a different story.             

"This is the old water heater and this is the furnace we had replaced,” Brenda Lindsey said.

Lindsey was one of the many Valley Park residents who rang in the new year watching their basements flood after the MSD Grand Glaize Wastewater Treatment Plant was overwhelmed by the flooded Meramec River.

"I thought I was safe,” Lindsey said. “About an hour later it just started coming up. It was fast.”

Nearly a foot of water later, her furnace and water heater were damaged. Replacing the units cost $3,400.

Lindsey says the hits kept coming when she filed her claim with MSD.   

"I paid $1200 for a new water heater and they offered me $240," Lindsey said.

She found that odd considering MSD covered the full cost of her new $2,200 furnace.

“If they were going to depreciate one thing, it seems like everything would be depreciated,” Lindsey said. “But that wasn't the case either."

News 4 took Lindsey’s concerns to MSD.

"We reimburse claims on an adjusted value basis,” Lance Lecomb, MSD spokesperson, said. “We are a government agency. We have to be judicious with dollars.”

But given the historic nature of this past winter's flooding, Lecomb told News 4 that MSD is using it's major loss policy to cover claims for customers like Lindsey.

That means after some original claim confusion, Lindsey will be fully reimbursed for her furnace and water heater.               

"Certainly the information you brought to us while we were in the process of making this decision really reinforced that we were making the right decision for this individual customer and all the customers that are affected in Valley Park,” Lecomb said. “Having information is always good especially when you can say hey, you're in the right on this. It's good to know and we thank Channel 4 for that."

A flood of frustration receding thank to a reasonable resolution.

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