SLU, City of St. Louis look for safety improvements for dangerou -

SLU, City of St. Louis look for safety improvements for dangerous intersection

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Intersection of Grand Boulevard and Forest Park Avenue (Credit: KMOV) Intersection of Grand Boulevard and Forest Park Avenue (Credit: KMOV)

ST. LOUIS ( – Officials say they are looking for ways to improve the congestion and safety of one of the busiest intersections in St. Louis.

The intersection of Grand Boulevard and Forest Park Avenue has a lot of cars and a lot of crashes. Many drivers and Saint Louis University, SLU, students know how complicated the intersection can be.

Natalie Wright, SLU student said, “I think it’s been hard for drivers itself, it’s a very confusing intersection.”

The intersection is almost like two intersections in one, with lots of SLU students walking to and from dorm buildings.

Another SLU student, Alexis Humphrey says she was almost hit a few times while walking across the intersection.

Regular users of the intersection say they would like to see less danger and less confusion.

Austin Dietz, SLU student said, “You got to keep your head on swivel, got to pay attention.”

The Saint Louis University and the City of St. Louis say they are searching for ways to reduce the congestion and number of accidents.    

In 2014, News 4 reported about an effort to widen sidewalks to improve safety for pedestrians. In 2016, officials say there is an effort to make the intersection safer.

Deanna Venker, St. Louis Street Commissioner said, “SLU is looking for ideas on how can they make it safer, better and more convenient for all the users of the intersection.”

According to officials, 26,000 cars drive on Grand Blvd a day. This boulevard is also the busiest bus route in the city. While Forest Park Ave has 20,000 cars a day.

Officials say Saint Louis University has agreed to shoulder the cost of a traffic study to help the city find ways to improve the intersection.

"Having a public private partnership on any project is a great way to go. It's a great way to leverage the federal dollars that are out there and our public dollars that we have very little of," said Venker.

But officials say any improvements will be added later in the future.

"The structure itself is in relatively decent shape, so it's not on our radar as far as getting replaced anytime soon," said Venker.

Both SLU and the city say they do not want anyone to get their hopes up that improvements are coming in the near future. They say this endeavor is a long term project.

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