Confusion reigns over whether boil order was issued for Lincoln -

Confusion reigns over whether boil order was issued for Lincoln County Monday

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Credit: KMOV photographer Brian Podner Credit: KMOV photographer Brian Podner

Dark, smelly water in Lincoln County led to some major confusion with what was causing it. 

Heather Wade says she had issues with her water before, but it really kicked up this last weekend when her child told her that his eyes were burning. 

"That is when I noticed that it smelled more like a swimming pool and heavy chlorine. It started going to a dark color, spitting water out, smelled funny and didn't want to drink it didn't want anything to do with it was gross," says Wade. 

Wade says her neighbor called the water company. 

"She posted on the homeowners association page about the boil alert and we were like ‘what are you talking about?’ We started looking into it more and that's when we started getting conflicting stories back and forth," says Wade. 

The water company says there was a water break in Old Monroe and residents of that city were under a boil order. But a few miles away, people reported they weren't getting any water at all. 

"The afterhours people told them there was a main break and your water was probably shut off and you’re under a boil advisory," says Terry Merritt, division manager with the water company. 

Merritt says a frozen pipe was to blame, but the wrong information traveled to Wade's subdivision.  

“With the people thinking that they might have been on a boil advisory and for a moment of time the water was discolored, it was a mess," says Merritt. 

Now the water company is looking at other options on how to inform its customers, something Wade says would make a huge difference. 

"I'm not going to drink it {the water} if you can't give me a definite answer," she says. 

Merritt says the water in Lincoln County is safe to drink. 

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