South County resident worried thieves are watching her neighborh -

South County resident worried thieves are watching her neighborhood

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A south Saint Louis County woman is putting out an alert Monday, worried that thieves are watching her neighborhood. Her home was first burglarized last September and she says thieves came back last week.

The woman spoke with News 4 on condition of anonymity.

"Two people decided that while we were at work during the day, they were going to come into our house and ransack it take as much as they could carry and leave," said the victim of the first incident. "They took purses, they took jewelry, they took items that belong to my father, uncle. My father is deceased. Those items were never recovered. They took countless amounts of change, a bucket of change. They took our sense of security.”

She was able to recover some of the items , but those that belonged to her dad and uncle haven’t been seen since.

"To [the thieves], they were nothing. My dad has been gone for a few years and I can't get that stuff back," she said.

After that incident in September, she says major changes were made. She had a security system installed along with cameras in the house. But just last week, the thieves reportedly came back.

"We have the guy that broke in- that they arrested back in September- on camera in our backyard trying to get in," she said. "I want them to know they need to stop coming back. Enough is enough," she says.

We did check with St. Louis County police and they confirm a police report was made from the incident last week. However, they say they don't believe this is part of a rash of burglaries. Police say only one other burglary report has been made for the month of February.  

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